Our mission is to contribute towards a better society by developing the intellectual capacities of our children to improve their future.

KidsBrain was founded in Spain in 2011, as a further development of a teaching methodology based on an integrated maths and English concept utilising the abacus. The first centre opened in Ceuta with the contribution of one of the most well-known educational companies with an abacus-based method in the world. This company started in India in the late 90’s and has been one of the main precursors to the development of the abacus as a teaching tool all over the world.

In 2012 KidsBrain began as its own brand, utilising 100% Spanish capital, with a strong vocation for growth both in Spain and internationally. At the beginning of 2013, KidsBrain started a process of expansion via a franchise business model. 

Our team saw an opportunity to help parents develop the maths abilities of their children and learn English at the same time. In the modern world, these abilities will probably be the most important that children can learn and perfect, and the fact that they can be learnt together in a fun way gets powerful results. 

The KidsBrain core development team has worked with experienced teachers from across the entire World to develop and perfect a method which allows students to improve their mental calculation abilities intuitively and at a pace that enables their autonomy. The result is a greatly motivating method which develops many of the most important intellectual abilities required for the development of their academic and professional future.